Alfa Xinomavro Skantzochiros


Xinomavro 100%

Geographical Indication

PDO Amynteo



About This Project

Bright purple-red color. Complex, typical bouquet of small berries red fruits, leather and spices (vanilla, pepper, clove), with hints of ripe blackberry. Full mouth, rounded tannins, balanced acidity and well integrated wood tones. Long aftertaste with intense quince aroma. Perfect match with juicy red barbecued meats, spicy sausages, red baked peppers in olive oil, stew rabbit, light spicy fool body cheeses. From Amyndeon plateau located at North-western Macedonia, there is the “Hedgehog” sub-region. 690m altitude, with northern exposure, facing a lake (Petron) and a mountain (Voras). Simply breathtaking.