Anatolikos Moschato





Geographical Indication

PGI Xanthi

Alcohol Level


About This Project

This wine has lemon green colour, while in the nose it offers charming rich aromas of ripe grapes, apricot, peach, skin of citrus fruits, toned with thin notes of woodbine and rose petals. The combination of the medium alcohol and refreshing acidity offers a unique mood and an unexpected freshness in the wine. The pleasant sense in the mouth and nose are perfectly balanced and expressed with ripe fruits and white flowers with a touch of spices.

Aging potential: Max 3 years
Serving temperature: 10 – 12 degrees Celsius
Serving suggestions: Fish and sea food, white meat, pasta with white sauces, Greek pies, salads, fruits, hard and semi-hard cheeses and desserts.
Varietal composition: Moschato 100%
Location of vineyard: Avdira Xanthi, Thrace, Greece
Position: forest, coordinates: 40.979768 , 24.916942
Vineyard: Organic, self-owned and able to produce 400-500 kilos per acre.
Ground: Sandy hills with 5 kilometres distance from the sea.
Climate: Mediterranean with East winds, warm winds and day to night temperature difference 13-15 Celsius.