Lyrarakis Zazazu


Vilana, Vidiano, Muscat



Geographical Indication

PDO Crete

Alcohol Level


Bubles, White
About This Project

Semi-dry, sparkling, white, Vilana, Vidiano, Muscat White, Drink now, 10.5% alc.
Vilana and Vidiano encounter the aromatic Muscat in ZaZaZu and give us a light wine with aromas of apricot, peach and lemon and floral notes. Ideal for aperitif with gentle bubbles, refreshing acidity and noticeable sweetness.
Bright and vibrant light yellow color. Rich fruity aromas of fresh apricot and peach jam, with notes of lemon. The creamy mouthfeel with fruit flavors is perfectly balanced with the natural sweetness and playful bubbles.