Mediterra Xerolithia





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PDO Crete

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About This Project

Region: Locations Panorama & Tholi in Houdetsi and Ag. Vasilios, both in Heraklion.

Terroir: Altitude over 500m, non-irrigated mountainside vineyards, argil calcareous pour soil, bushlike trim, yields of 39-52hl/ha. Especially during summer there are north winds that create a cool environment and a great difference in the temperature between day and night.

Oenology: Primary care is to unveil the varietal aromas. This is why there is completely no use of aromatic yeast taking place, while the maturation period of at least 5 months in steel tanks allows for the varietal aromas of Vilana to unfold.

Name: The hillside vineyards of Peza are even nowadays delineated by the traditional “xerolithias” (=dry stone walls). This is where we took the name for our Xerolithia from. The xerolithias were built with “lithous” (=stones) that were put “xero” (=dry, without any water) one onto another to create the natural boundaries for the vineyards and to protect them from erosion.

Personality: In the glass it looks bright and straw-yellow. In the nose there are intense aromas of citrus fruits (citron and lime) to meet on an exotic fruits background (ananas, mango). Mouthful and balanced with the typical fine acidity and minerality of the Vilana.