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Robola Kefalonia



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About This Project

A new Robola with vibrant character, bright fruitiness and seductive palate that represents the unique “terroir” is a result of the passion and experience of people who make it.
It is produced from family-owned low-yielding vineyards (just 300kgr per acre) located in the “Fagias” area, covering four acres planted in early 1980s and consisting entirely from Robola vines, an indigenous variety that is grown exclusively on the island and is recognized world-wide as one of the finest white varieties, possessing the name of the geographic PDO Appellation.
“Fagias” is the heart of the zone of Robola and is a place of wild beauty and magnificent views laying on the steep slopes of Mount Enos at an altitude of about 750 meters, with limestone ground.
The harsh landscape that is organized in terraces; the intense sun- shine throughout the year; the rich soil (because of the famous for- est of black pine that lays just above); the sea breeze that comes from the coast as well as the well drained ground with gravel to absorb the warmth during the day and reflect it at night are all factors which determine the distinguished style of this exceptional wine.
With a clear bright yellow color, elegant nose with delicate aromas, fruity taste with hints of citrus, balanced acidity and a long aftertaste, every sip of it triggers the excitement and enthusiasm like that of a sparkling wine.